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Fidelity NQR

It is a secure QR-code-based payments and collections platform designed for merchants and customers to receive and make payments for goods and services.

NQR Scan-to-Pay for Business (Merchants)

With Fidelity NQR Scan-To-Pay, your customers can now make easy and secure payments at your outlet or store by scanning with their mobile phones.

You never have to turn down customers who don’t have their cards, they can just scan with their mobile phones to pay

How NQR can Help your Business

Fast & Secure

Fast & Secure

It’s a fast and secure payment option for your customers
Print Receipts

Print Receipts

It can be connected to your POS Printer to print receipts

Instant Credit

Instant Credit

You get credited and notified instantly

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate into your cash register

Scan to Pay with NQR (Customers)

Make quick and secured payments by scanning with your mobile phone at various stores and outlets using Fidelity NQR payment option.

  • It’s convenient and contactless; just scan to pay instantly
  • Instant payment settlement
  • It’s accepted in many stores and outlets
  • Log into the Fidelity Mobile App
  • From MENU Select “QR” option and click “NIBBS QR”
  • Scan the NQR code displayed at the point of payment
  • Enter amount and confirm payment with your PIN
  • A payment confirmation will be sent to you instantly

Frequently Asked Questions

NQR Code means NIBSS Quick Response Code and it is a secure platform for merchants (business/store owners) and their customers to make and receive instant payments.

Merchants on the NQR platform display QR Codes generated to receive payments from payers at their locations. Payers/customers select the “NIBSS NQR” option on Fidelity Mobile App and scan the displayed NQR Code to make payment to the merchant. Merchants and Payers get instant notification of payment made.

NQR provides many advantages over existing e-payment solutions to both merchants and payers. These include:

  • Instant value to merchants for all transactions.
  • Zero cost of onboarding, infrastructure and otherwise, to the merchant.
  • Instant notifications to both merchants and payers of payment made.
  • Lower transaction fees across the various price bands
  • A reconciliation and reporting portal for merchants.

Business owners (big or small)/Merchants can use the NQR Code to receive payments from individuals and get instant value in their bank account.

Merchants only need to complete the sign-up form below

You can access the NQR Code with Fidelity Mobile App.

Not registered on Fidelity Mobile App? Visit the app store

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Customers/Payers can call our 24/7 contact centre on 0700 343 35489 or send an email to

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