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Bank on the go without barriers from the comfort of your home.

Pay bills | Buy airtime | Transfer funds and more

fidelity bank Personal Banking 770

MY 770

Enjoy Increased

Just so you know we listened to you, we are happy to inform you that airtime purchase has been increased from N5,000 to N20,000.

fidelity bank ussd banking code my 770

Service Charges

Fidelity Instant Banking (*770#) service charges are:

Service Rendered Old Fee Transaction Charge
Balance Enquiry
Intra-bank Transfer
Flat rate of N50
N0-N5,000 – N10>N5,000 – N25
Inter bank Transfer
Flat rate of N50
N0-N5,000 – N10 + VAT >N5,000 – N25 + VAT
Bill Payments
fidelity bank ussd banking code my 770

Getting Started

*770# Instant

*770# is a value-added service that allows you to perform your
banking transactions effortlessly. You can complete all
transactions in just a few steps, once you have a Fidelity Bank
account, you are already a step ahead. Just Dial *770# on your
mobile phone and select Instant Banking to choose from the
array of services available, and you are ready to go! It’s as
simple as can be.



*770# Open Account

Open an Account
via *770*01#

Open an account with us today in 8 simple steps:

Step 1 – Select an account opening option (Select Option 1 if you have your BVN and Option 2 if you don’t)

Step 2 – Enter your first name

Step 3 – Enter your middle name or Press ‘0’ if you don’t have one

Step 4 – Enter your last name

Step 5 – Select your gender

Step 6 – Enter your account officer code or press ‘0’ if you don’t have one

Step 7 – Enter your date of birth

Step 8 – Press 1 to confirm your details and proceed

*770# Top Up Airtime

Recharge your phone or Top Up for Friends & Family

Have you ever run out of airtime while making an important call? Or, had insufficient balance to make a call during an emergency?

With Fidelity Instant Banking (*770#), you can recharge your phone in just a few seconds. Stay ahead, stay connected!


For Self-Recharge: Dial *770*AMOUNT# Example: From your phone, dial *770*1000# to recharge ₦1,000 on your phone. 

To recharge another phone, Dial *770*PHONE NUMBER*AMOUNT# Example: From your phone, dial *770*0812345679*1000# to recharge ₦1,000 on another phone



*770# Transfer Funds

Transfer Money Securely to any Nigerian Bank in seconds

Save yourself the stress and time it takes to go to the bank every time you need to transfer funds for personal or business purposes. Transfer funds using *770# Instant Banking anywhere, anytime, and to any bank in Nigeria, instantly! No story, No delay.

How To Transfer Using *770#

To transfer funds, dial *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT# Example From your phone, dial *770*5050123456*10000# to transfer ₦10,000. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete your transfer with your PIN or password




*770# Cardless Withdrawal

Get Instant Cash from the ATM without your Card

We know how frustrating it can be when you get to the ATM only to discover that you forgot your debit card at home. Don’t panic! With Cardless withdrawal, you can withdraw money from the ATM without using your debit card. It’s easy, seamless, and secure. To withdraw cash without using your debit card, dial *770*8*AMOUNT#
For example, dial *770*8*10000# using your phone, then follow the on-screen prompts. Create a one-time PIN (OTP) then enter your PIN to get a Paycode directly from your Fidelity account to withdraw cash. At the ATM, enter your Paycode, PIN, and Amount to get your cash, Voila!
770 Cardless Withdrawal



*770# Pay Bills

Pay your Bills at your Convenience; DStv, Swift 4G, NairaBet, LCC Toll, and lots more!

For most of us, the thought of paying bills screams stress; traffic, queues, delays, etc. With *770# Instant Banking, you can forget all that. Paying your bills is now so easy and convenient. You don’t even need to have an internet connection to pay your bills!

How To Pay Bills
Using *770#

To pay a bill, dial
Example: From your phone, dial *770*1099*41234567890*5500# to pay for a ₦5500 DStv plan


Codes to dial in order to pay your bills are as follow:

Code Description
DStv Box Office
Swift 4G Subscription (Swift 4G)
Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Postpaid (EEDC Postpaid)
Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Postpaid (EEDC Prepaid)
Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC Bills)
Kano Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid (KEDCO Prepaid)
Kano Electricity Distribution Company(KEDCO Postpaid)
Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED)
Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC Postpaid Payments)
EKEDP Prepaid Payments (EKEDP Prepaid)
EKEDP Prepaid Payments (EKEDP Postpaid)
LCC toll payments
Lagos Toll Company (LTC)
Pay Airtel bills

*770# SMS and Email Alerts

Choose SMS and Email Alerts you want to receive

You can now determine the different categories of emails and SMS you want to receive. You can either opt-in or opt-out from receiving emails or SMS.

How to Choose Alerts you want to receive:

To choose the type of alerts you want to get, dial *770*2#




*770# Fidelity Secure

24/7 Guaranteed Security on Fidelity Bank Accounts.

We have increased the security of your funds with a new service called “Fidelity Secure”. From any phone you can instantly disable your account from this service if missing.

How to Secure your Account using *770#

To block your accounts, dial *770*08012345678#

*770# Fidelity Secure


*770# Block Cards

Block Your Cards or Instant Banking Service Easily And Instantly When Robbed Or If PIN Is Compromised

Instant Banking allows you to seamlessly block your cards when stolen or missing and also increase the security of your funds with “Instant Block” when stolen or missing without having to be physically present at your branch.

How To Block Card
Using *770#

How To Block Your Card: To block your card, dial *770*911#




You Can Now Update Your BVN Yourself.

Update your BVN/Email instantly on your mobile phone. No need to go to the bank or get stressed over your BVN. The simplest way to update your BVN and email details without going through the hassle of visiting the bank.

How To Update Your BVN *770#

To update your BVN, dial *770*02#




*770# Balance Enquiry

Keep Track And Stay Up To Date With Every Activity On Your Account

Keeping track of your transactions is now easy. You can check your account balance on your mobile phone using the *770# Instant Banking platform.
Checking the balance on any of your accounts is now a breeze!

How To Check Your
Balance Using *770#

To know how much you have left in your account, just dial *770*0# and follow the on-screen prompts.


*770# Change PIN

Now You Can Change Your PIN Yourself In Seconds!

Is your PIN compromised? Do you feel the need to change it? Or, do you, for security reasons, just want to reset it? Set your mind at ease! You can secure your Instant Banking Channel again, just follow these simple steps:

How To Change Your
Pin Using *770#

To change your PIN, dial *770*00#




*770# Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need To Know

How To Do Self-Recharge: To recharge your phone, Dial *770*AMOUNT# Example: From your phone, dial *770*1000# to recharge ₦1,000 on your phone.

All individual account Holders of Fidelity Bank

Yes. Just dial *770# and follow the on screen prompt to update your details
No, the mobile number MUST be the number that is linked/registered to your account with the bank.

Yes , the service is automatically linked to all your accounts so you can select which account to use when performing a transaction

Single transaction limit is N20,000. Daily Limit is N100,000. Kindly keep your PIN/Password strictly confidential and do a PIN change should you feel it has been compromised.

For protection of your funds, we have a service called INSTANT BLOCKING. Simply dial *770*911*phone number to be blocked# from any phone to immediately disable instant banking on all your accounts if your phone ever gets stolen or missing.

This is to enable withdrawal from an ATM without the use of a card, the customer initiates this process by dialling *770*8*AMOUNT# 

Yes, Dial *770#, select Collections and follow the prompt

Customers dials *770#, select forgot PIN and follow the on screen prompt